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Spotlight - A MTT Fanart
Man this took SO long! After school started I just kept putting it off. Not that I wasn't working on it, I just didn't have the time during the weekdays to work on it anymore. But now I'm back on track! And hopefully I can get a stable schedule going. This took waaaaay too long. I DO have the idea for the next illustration, but I'd like to take a little bit of time to work on the Jazza studio competition. After that, I will work on my next illustration. But back to this drawing; I had a lot more bigger plans for this, but as the project dragged on, I knew it would take another month or two if I were to put them in. Also, that thing in the top right is a heart, in case it wasn't obvious. I have no idea why you would ever think it was anything else... But I was planning to have flower petals all over the picture, and I drew the petal and I thought, "Screw it!" because at that point I just wanted to finish the picture. Moral of the story: dream big, but don't dream too big :) Oh, and before I forget to mention it, this was my first drawing that I livestreamed while I worked on. So, if you want to see how I drew it, you can head over there and watch me draw it... LIVE! Also, you might see some other cool artist there, and maybe learn a thing or two. This was going to be a speedpaint video on Youtube, but after I finished Mettaton with all of the shading, the program crashed, and I lost all of my recording. So, combine that with two more failed attempts to record, and you get a new recording program and no video. There was a whole bunch of mishaps, but I think that is what really made me learn. I learned how to handle all the programs on my computer, and I know this won't happen next time. Hopefully.
Jazza Animation Challenge:…
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Darkrai Art...that's it.
So this is mmy first digital paint ever, and I'd say the results are mixed. Tell me what you think about it. Also, you can see a speedpaint of this on youtube if you want to. Thanks!
This is a speed art on Youtube! Watch me draw it here:…
In the Way
This moment is one of my 'favorite' moments of genocide run. There's so much tension, and honestly I find it a tougher choice to make to (SPOILERS!!) try to kill him than when the opponent is showing mercy, like Papyrus.

Anyways, this was a very big learning experience for me; I learned how to create smoother shading, give things a better texture, and using different brushes. It goes to show that practice makes perfect. I don't think I will be able to make big pictures like this (I refuse to use the word detailed) because school is starting soon. I'll probably be drawing characters with no backgrounds or simpler images for practice. I don't even want to think about how long this took to draw. It took longer than it should have is all I know, because I take frequent breaks while drawing. 
I think I'm Blue...
Napstablook's sad, as always, but this time someone's here to cheer him up.

This painting obviously took a lot less time and effort than the last one, but this time I was experimenting with better shading techniques, so it was more practice. I decided to upload it because why not? Anyways, hope you enjoy it, I probably will focus more on Undertale pictures (because there can never be enough).


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Hi! I'm Kappa, also known as Kyle, and welcome to Kappa-Happa. I'm a starting digital artist. My goal is to improve my skills and to entertain you guys.

Got a request? I'm open for recommendations for new pictures; If I like it, then maybe, just maybe you'll see your idea illustrated.


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